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The Moncur Gallery is located in Boissevain, Manitoba. It hosts a variety of displays, fascinating original paintings, models of archaeological work, a map of the area during the time of transition from First nation to European dominance.
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he Moncur Gallery opened in 1986, consisting primarily of artifacts from the private collection of Bill Moncur. This collection took a lifetime to gather and shows the great esteem that Bill had for the history of his hometown and the area. Today’s exhibit titled “The Peoples of the Plains” also displays artifacts that have been donated by other amateur archaeologists, which has aided in the enrichment and expansion of Bill’s original collection. Through these combined efforts, the Moncur Gallery presents an image of the transition of life in the Turtle Mountain area over 10,000 years.


The exhibit focuses on pre-contact First Nations artifacts that reveal the activities of daily life, from cooking and food prep methods, to revolutionary weapons and hunting strategies, as well as typical games and ceremonial items. The tour includes the rise of the Métis culture in the area from the combination of First Nations and European traditions, into a new and distinct way of life. Over the centuries, the Turtle Mountain region changed drastically and so did the people along with the resources and wildlife available. Discover the animals that once inhabited the area with our rare mammoth fossil display and our complete bison skeleton. Learn all about the resourcefulness of those who first roamed the prairies and the adaptations they made along the way as the world around them changed.


Education is the primary goal of the Gallery therefore, both guided and interactive audio tours are available. For those who prefer to wander at their own pace, the self-guiding layout and written displays provide an easy and efficient way of exploring the museum. The Gallery also offers school tours that can be adapted to several age groups and includes engaging activity work sheets. A mini archaeological “dig pit” is provided as well, where guests have the chance to find stone and bone artifacts! Tour groups can commemorate their experience with a souvenir arrowhead or a gift from the attached gift shop. The distinguished value of the collection and engaging nature of the displays, combined with hands-on kids’ activities and mini dig, makes the Moncur Gallery a unique and wonderful experience of discovery for all ages. Please see our Contact Us page to set up a tour.





The Moncur Gallery – Peoples of the Plains Inc. gratefully acknowledges the financial support of:


Manitoba Heritage Grants Advisory Council

in 2008-2011 for the purchase of the Past Perfect Software and automation of the museum’s data and records and in 2013 for the development of an updated website to promote the Gallery and the collections
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Province of Manitoba
for their ongoing support.
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Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

in 2010-2011 for offering summer employment to a student with Metis heritage.
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Boissevain & Morton Foundation Inc.

for past financial support and for financial assistance in 2014 to renovate the Gallery’s space at the new location and in 2016 for a display mural.

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Municipality of Boissevain – Morton

for ongoing support.

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Government of Canada

for their financial support through Canada Summer Jobs to hire a Summer Student in 2014.

Manitoba Community Services Council

for financial support in 2016 to upgrade the building security system.

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A special thanks to the Boissevain Community Archives for the use of numerous photos throughout the website.